Truck mounted carpet and upholstery cleaning, based in Romford

Our truck mounted carpet and upholstery cleaning units are completely self-sufficient systems that supplies its very own pressurised hot water and very powerful extraction, meaning there is no need for As-Nu’s cleaning team to use your electrical or hot water supply.

Our operator is able to optimise our truck mounted cleaning units by increasing or decreasing pressure and water temperature according to the individual requirements needed for your carpet and upholstery, allowing us to achieve the very best results. Our truck mounted cleaning units leave your carpets much drier than other carpet and upholstery cleaning methods and give you the benefit of having a commercial clean at a domestic level. Without the mess. As the name suggests, ‘truck mounted cleaning unit’, there is no need to drag dirty pipes through your home and there is no risk of water damage as everything remains in the truck. The only thing that enters your home is the hose to clean your carpet and upholstery. Nothing else.

With better yet less equipment, As-Nu Carpet Cleaning Ltd  is able to provide customers with the very best carpet and upholstery cleaning service that is both quicker and more efficient. Click here now to get a free quote or call us today on